Copy one whole column data

Hello guys

In Excel sheet there is 3 column . But the count of data in these column is vary in each data like ( 1st the count of each row is 20 ,2nd the count of each row is 40 ,3rd the count of each row is 30, 4rd the count of each row is 32) like this . Here i need only A column data to copy another sheet . Any one have any idea please help me in this


Each day the count of these 3 columns are different,but i need all data’s in A column is copy to another sheet .

Hello @Aarthy1 ,

You can use filter datatable activity and give the name of column you want in the ‘Output columns’ tab.


Hi @Aarthy1

You can try with Filter Data Table activity

You can give Column name in the Output Columns

For better understanding check out the screenshot



Hi @Aarthy1

Steps to follow

  1. Use Read Range activity and give range as “A1” and read data into dt(datatable variable)
  2. Then use remove data column activity to remove the unnecessary columns.
  3. Used write range to write the data into the new sheet


Hi @Aarthy1 as @athira.somasekharan mentioned you can provide the column inside the column text box that you want to copy

But I don’t need the header in output sheet

Hi @Aarthy1

If you want a single column as output

Read the sheet as a datatable
Take an assign activity
in the RHS of Assign
write something like this - dtNew.DefaultView.ToTable(False,"ColumnName")
here dtNew is a datatabe variable of the sheet your read, in the LHS just take a new datatable variable.
Now print that new datatable variable in that specific range, you will get the single required column.


HI @Aarthy1

After the Filter Data table activity

While writing the data into excel Disable the properties in Write range activity Add Headers


Hello @Aarthy1

I hope I am understanding your question correctly.

The Read Range activity can read your excel sheet to a datatable (create a new datatable variable dtInput).

Create a new output datatable variable dtOutput.

From there you can use the For Each Row in Data Table to add each row to dtOutput if it is not empty (if CurrentRow.ToString <> “”)

Finally you can write the datatable to your desired excel sheet using the Write Datatable to Excel activity.