Copy one column value to an another column in datatable


I want to copy one column value to an another column in datatable. Could you please let me know how can it be done. I have datatable with 10 columns, now want to add 11th column with values of 2nd column.

@SJRPA - Have you tried the copy Range?

  1. Excel Aplication Scope
  2. Read Range (column x)
  3. Write Range (Column 11)

@SJRPA - here is a sample

Copy Range



Please let me know for datatable ans not excel

I am new to Uipath hence asking basic questions

I used for each row in data row and assigned the column value to other column value. But can it be done without loop

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You can use Add Data Column Activity for adding a new column to existing Data Table.


Please find the workaround for your scenario. (2.8 KB)

Hope this helps. Any queries, feel free to post here.

Happy Automation :slight_smile:

Thank you this worked perfectly

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Thanks this can also be used if we include excel.

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Hey @SJRPA , Here is another simple approach for beginner level learners Copy (8.7 KB) h for the same task :slightly_smiling_face:


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