Copy multiple excel data to different text files

The requirement is to
Fetch data from cells of Excel having multiple sheets and populate it in a csv/txt file in uipath.
Note that , we can have multiple excel sheets with different sheet name with same requirement


Here is the sample, I hope this will help you.
Main.xaml (7.0 KB)

Hi @jkallem,
This solution is copying everything to the CSV file, but the need is to get only selected range of records to csv/flat file


You can get specific range data by modifying the range property of Read Range Activity.

got it!
but how to get all the sheets of the excel to csv file?


Try this it might help you for ur requirement to get all the sheets from a workbook


I have created below solution , where I reading one row and writing it to csv file and reading another row and appending it again to same csv.
I need to repeat this activity for 30-40 different excels, is it possible to do this ?