Copy File and change name with the last month

Hey guys!

I have an Excel file which has to be copied every month. I extract data from SAP into an Excel file and take the data into the file which has to be copied beforehand. The screenshot should be helpful.
Now how is that possible? I hope you can help me out

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Please use copy activity and provide source and dest paths.

Supply path with different name to dest property.


Hi @Pankaj.Patil !
When you say you want it renamed with the last month, on what basis is it ?

  • is it for instance like we are on april, so you want it to be march because the computer date is on april
  • or is there a date in the SAP excel file that you want to use to change it with the last month

You are right,
If you are running bot in April bot must take very previous month i.e. march