Copy data of data column to another datatable that has the column but no data

I have 2 data tables, how do i move data from datacolumn of dt1 to a column of dt2? dt2 is a blank datatable. im going to do a for each column, and move column by column. but got stuck at how to move the data…

is the arrangement of the dt1 and dt2 columns the same?
if the same, it can be with

  1. open excel dt1
  2. read range
  3. write range to dt2

@Username95 So you want to move all the columns from dt1 to dt2?

hi no not same, and the number of columns arent same either

some columns (which i have out into a list.), then for each item in the list, i’ll search the dt1 for that column’s data and copy to dt2

Check this below workflow, @Username95
ExcelOps_CopyData.xaml (11.9 KB)

Hope this may help you :slight_smile: