Copy Columns of Data from CSV to a software in UIPath


How can I copy columns of data from CSV in UIPath?


Hi @W_QW
well If you need to work with csv files inside UiPath workflows, you need to use read CSV and then place a dataTable in the output of this activity, after this you can make all sorts of actions on a dataTable.



In order to perform this task, follow these steps
1> you need to use Read Excel/csv Activity, you will Get Data Table in Result
2> use For Each Activity to iterate the Data table
3> Acess any Row/Column by either it’s index or column name
4> use type into or send Hotkey Activity to type data in your Software



Do you mind typing out the codes for me in uipath? these are the data that i want to copy and probably paste it in clipboard in uipath. Then from there i can paste to my software


Do you mind showing me example of codes in uipath? Here is an eg of my data