Copy an excel sheet to other document

Hello Uipath Community its me again.
I know I have been making a lot of questions lately but I am new in this RPA world.
So I have an excel file in wich I have a filter on it, but I want to copy that sheet with the filter into a new sheet in another document, the document where I want to paste the info has already one sheet with data, I want to create a new sheet to insert the new info.
I try the copy/paste activity but that only allows me to use it inside the same document

Hi @Juandix

Please use copy sheet activity for this


Hi @Juandix ,

Use Read Range activity and read the sheet which you wanna copy.

After that use Write Range activity and in this activity place the path of file where you want to copy, mention sheet name and put the datatable variable in it in which contains content of your sheet.

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