Converting PDF invoice to EXCEL file

Does anyone know how i can convert a pdf invoice into excel file? (so that I can extract data from excel file thereafter). if you have a script for me as reference would be great too. Thanks!

you can use read pdf activity and write that data to an excel.

Are you specilise in uipath? could you please help me with a small project please?

:smiley: I’m also in the path of learning. I’ve only 1 month of experience with uipath.
Anyways, just tell us what you’re looking forward for. If I can, i’ll surely give it a try. :smiley:


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There are few things that need to be consider before looking for solution.

  1. Is it a digital PDF or scanned one.
  2. Data on these pdf’s are structured or unstructured.

If it’s a digital one, you can read pdf and extract information.
If it’s a scanned one, you have to use OCR and extract information.
Both cases are valid for structured data.

If you have unstructured data, you have to use ML capabilities.

what’s ML capabilities? my pdf is scanned. it has table format but i think it is consider unstructured. thanks


UiPath provide capabilities that can be used to read data from unstructured PDF.
Please go through documentation.

Document understanding will help you to extract all the data in Excel file and Easiest way to process your document in few seconds.
For more detail you can refer this session:

How do you loop a process?