Converting from datarow into datatable


I am using for each row activity and getting the result as data row, once compared i want to convert all the datarow values into data table, how can i achieve it?


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use add data row activity

Hey @monish06, i don’t know what have you tried so far, but in case you haven’t already, please take a look at the posts below, might help:

if you are looping through each row and checking for condition and then trying to push your rows to datatable then i would suggest you to go through the concept called LINQ QUERY which filters in one line and much faster than your for loop.

If you elaborate your issue a bit hope we can figure out the linq for you.

but if you want to go ahead with the solution what you have built then you need a separate data table
and you need to use Add datarow activity to add the rows into the data table.


  1. in ArrayRow you can type row.ItemArray

  2. else in Data Row you can pass data row as such.

use 1 or 2 don’t use both because overloading is not allowed.
and provide the datatable.

Hope this helps.

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