Converting a Object to Dictionary


I have added a object of type Dictionary<string, DataTable> to a Dictionary<string, object> type where the object is of type Dictionary<string, DataTable>.

Now, i when i retrieve the value by specifying the key let’s say “key1” it returns an object. Now i want to cast this object to the type of Dictionary<string, DataTable>.

for (e.g) The following sample code in a VB.Net application works,

Dictionary<string, object> obj1 = new Dictionary<string, object>();
Dictionary<string, DataTable> obj = new Dictionary<string, DataTable>();
DataTable dataTable = new DataTable();
obj.Add(“key1”, dataTable);
obj1.Add(“keyname”, obj);
object objValue = obj1[“keyanme”];
Dictionary<string, DataTable> newValue = (Dictionary<string, DataTable>) objValue;

where as the similar casting is not working in UIPath?
(Dictionary<String, DataTable>) TransactionRecordMappingDictionaryObject;

How to achieve this in uipath?

any updates, kartik?