Convert Text file to Object

Hello guys,

I am trying to use Emtect Razor Mail. And it works well.

But instead of creating my object like this (with assign)

I want to use read text file activity and init my object from the text file directly


Hi @Elya ,

I believe this is not possible. As you are trying to attempt a conversion from string/text data to a c#/ expression.

Let us know the purpose of this attempt, we could maybe provide work arounds.

Yes, this is exaclty that.

The purpose is to use Remtec.Razor mail activies (from the marketplace) to build HTLM mail body with a dynamic table. Each object containt variables to use.


As @supermanPunch mentioned, it’s difficult to run text code like eval function of other language.

How about to use JSON?
We can deserialize it to anonymous type as the following.

var def = new { Date = "",FileName="",FIleSize="",FileCreationDate="",TeansactionId="",Status="",ZipLocation="",LogFileLocation="",FileDetails=new{ean="",bsc="",typetransaction="",Magasin="",cisc="",status="",commentaire=""}};
var o = JsonConvert.DeserializeAnonymousType(strData,def); (2.9 KB)


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