Convert row into Column in Datatable

I’m new here, great community! I have a string file containing XML tags, Json tags, and other string formats. I need to write the req and resp data to a table (then to excel). I have delimeters in the file (“#####”). I use the delimeters as both column and row separators. This works well enough - it extracts the data into the table as rows. However, the thing is I was to convert the table in this manner:
let’s say we have 2 rows like this:

row 2:< message …>

This goes on and on where odd rows will have “REQUEST DATA” or “RESPONSE DATA” and subsequent (even rows) will have the actual xml or json payload

How can I go about doing this please?
Thanks in advance!

Duplicated topic

Yes it is duplicate, I’m sorry! I made a mistake in this post and tried to delete but it won’t let me.

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