Convert integer into a list of string

i have an integer of numbers “1234” output from an input dialog

how do i convert it into a list of string? {“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”}


Can you try the following expression?

Let’s say text = "1234"

listString = text.Select(function(x) x.ToString).toList

If you need array, the following will work.

arrayString = text.Select(function(x) x.ToString).toArray


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hi Yoichi


i tried, but it stated select is a member not part of int.

i’m trying to get the output from a user input dialog “1234” (int32) and convert it into a string.

I tried

Submission - try3.xaml (7.9 KB)

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You should write as the following.

UserNumList = GuessNumber.toString.Select(function(x) x.ToString).toArray

note: Perhaps you should set guessNumber type as String, because user doesn’t always input numeric value only.


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