Convert DataRow to Dictionary of Key Value

I am reading data from excel using Read Range activities and doing data entry for each row item retrived from data row. As I have current 10-12 columns and I have to pass these values to multiple workflows I would like to know if there is a way to convert the data row into a dictionary of (Columnname,Value ) so that I could just pass the dictionary between workflows instead of 10-12 variables.

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Use “Add to Dictionary” activity to add the Key and value in the Dictionary.

Note: Install the package Microsoft.Activities.Extensions, then only these activities will appear in activities window.

Not sure if this is exactly the same what you want, have a look


Can you share xaml file for the above one

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This can be done with LINQ
Lets assume the first row schould be converted, following statement can be used:

dtSample.Rows(0).ItemArray.Select(Function (item, index) new KeyValuePair(Of String, Object)(dtSample.Columns(index).ColumnName, item)).toDictionary(Of String, Object)(Function (d) d.Key, Function (d) d.Value)

Thanks but still can i have the complete flow

@Vasanth It’s uploaded
Main.xaml (7.2 KB)