Convert data from "Row" to "Excel Column"

Hello Team,

I have a data which i scraped from the webpage and this data showing in one “Row” but i need to convert this as “Column”. See Attached snip for your reference…

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While exracting itself you can extract it as column wise

can you give me example plz because after extract i need to update on excel file

yeah while extracting use data scraping in data scraping it will apppear as table give the column names and corespondingly the values

share your screenshot while extracting

see snip
i extracted the data but its showing in row but in excel i need to update in every column


Find Attached File for Your Ref.
Test2.xaml (12.7 KB)
Uploading: Test.xlsx…

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You can add all values in a list and than use add data row activity to add in a table please check the below workflow for better understanding
Coltorows.xaml (16.4 KB)

Hello @Rajnish_Arora

Is it working Fine?