Convert current date to this excel format

Hi All,
I have tried using the filtering wizard where if the date equals the current date it keeps in the data table like so:

I would like it so it matches the dates here:

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Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @Stabbathehut

Hi, I have just had a looked at this but its not quite what I was after. I would like it in that excel format but not sure in how to go about that,

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Yah that method suggested will give us datatable output and we can pass that as input to WRITE RANGE activity inside the excel application scope so that it will be written back to excel
Hope these steps would help you either
—use a EXCEL APPLICATION SCOPE and pass the file path of excel as input
—inside the scope use a read range activity and get the output with a variable of type datatable named dt
—now use a FOR EACH TOW loop and pass the above variable dt as input
—inside the loop use a IF condition like this


If true it will go to THEN part or goes to ELSE part
In ELSE part we can use a ASSIGN activity like this
row(0) = String.Empty

—then next to this FOR EACH ROW loop and use a FILTER DATATABLE activity where mention the condition as Equals and value as String.Empty and choose the radio button Remove instead of Keep

And get he datatable as output with a variable named dt1 which is a defined with a variable type System.Data.Datatable

Then we can use WRITE RANGE activity and mention the variable dt1 as input and enable add headers property
Cheers @Stabbathehut