Convert and keep format of a date


I need to read some dates from excel and put them in another excel but I need to keep the format. The problem is that not always I get a date cause some dates are not set yet, so sometimes I read a date and sometimes I get a -

I try many things but I just can’t make it work as I want… I’ll explain

My columns in the data table of Uipath and Excel need to be datetime type, cause I have to use them on a formula in another cell.

  • If I read the cells as a string, and then use a write range, if excel cells are date format, it always write them as MM/dd/yyyy when I want to keep the format dd/MM/yyyy. But it writes the “-” correct as it is a string.

So I need to manage them as DateTime variables

  • If I make a variable type datetime called X and convert the string variable Yey of the excel (22/01/2022) it with X = DateTime.ParseExact(Yey,“dd/MM/yyyy”,System.Globalization.CultureInfo.InvariantCulture)
    it works fine, the write range activity keeps the format en excel, the problem is that convert every cell is not an option cause I have these values “-”, so when the assign activity tries to convert X=DateTime.ParseExact(“-”,"dd/MM/… It gets an error, and I cant put another value to that variable cause it is a “-” not a date

  • I tried to replace the “-” with another date, so now I can convert all X variables to Datetime but when I try to replace them again with a “-” it puts the wrong format in the others cause its making them a string again

  • i tried to use “format value” activity with generic value so I can "if X <> “-”, then convert value to date, else nothing, but I get an error “cant convert generic value to datetime”

  • I tried “try catch” try parse the generic value to a date, exception “-” … nothing, got an error cant convert generic to datetime

I surrender, I just dont know what to do

How read a cell, if its a date, keep the format dd/MM/yyyy and if its not, leave the “-” as they are?

Thanks for reading me.

Sorry if I wrote something wrong, not my language.


Did you try as Read Range activity and set the property Read formatting as Default or try other options as well and check if it is working

Hope this may help you


I don’t have that property in my read range activity. :frowning:

I have one called “Preserve format” and I have it with the check.

just use try catch
in try just use assign activity for parsing date as you want, whenever you getting “-” that time it will throw error in catch block just over write same data which you taking from cell

How do I overwrite with a “-” a datetime column?
What I do to write the cells is an activity after that, an “add row” and {a, b, c, mydatetimevariable ,e}
And as the parse is in a date time variable and my columns are datetime, I cant write the “-”, or can I? I tried but I don’t dont if I did it correctly.

in try block
datetimevar= datetime.parse (…)

add data row = {a,b,datetime var}
catch block
add data row = {a,b,var2}

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