Contains string

i am taking description of 3 -4 lines in the text field using get full text then I want check whether the text contains “Excel” or “Json” how to do this ?


Hey @sowmya

you can use like this

txt is your get text activity output lets assume.

String var = txt.toString()

Bool result = var.contains("Excel") or var.contains("Json");

it will return true if that string contains words above.



description is output of my get full text activity

String descriptionVal = description.toString() in assign activity

Bool boolVar =descriptionVal .contains(“Excel”) OR descriptionVal .contains(“Json”); given in searchValue property of contains string activity
getting error :options strict on disallows implicit converstion from Boolean to string.

if it contains Excel/Json I want that text exist in the text field. I mean I want to know whether excel or json how can I do

Check this workflow for your basic understanding Sample.xaml (8.8 KB)

where you are using it to print or something you can convert it like your_bool_var.ToString() or in Condition Statements you can directly pass that Boolean output.



If you want all matches from the text, then you can try with “Matches” activity by providing regex pattern with both matching words (“Excel|Json”). The activity will return enumerable object with all matching words.
You can check the example here → matches.xaml (6.2 KB)

Hope this helps,


Thank you rafal

Thank you akshay

hey akshay, I have a doubt, Lets say I am looking for a set of keywords in a text file. I have stored the keywords in as a regex expression
var= System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(txt5,“(Camel|Rhino|Ant|Hippo)”)

I need to check whether these keywords are there. Assume the read text output be txt
if txt.contains(“+var+”)
but I am not able to make it work…How to do it??