Consecutive numbers to a web form

Hi I am new to RPA, i need to fill a web form with a unique number each time i fill it. the number has 2 parts current year and a consecutive number, +1 each time.

Maintain a variable and increment each time you loop.

Karthik Byggari

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We can use any loop like while or For each loop
Let’s take like while loop and out the condition like this
Counter < 10
Where Counter is a variable of type int32 with a default value defined as 0 in the variable panel

Now inside the loop use a use your value

Like this

And atlast in the while loop use a assign activity to increment that value like this
Counter = Counter +1

Hope this would help you
Cheers @sanjeevSB


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Cheers @sanjeevSB

i ran this but it gives same number each time

you were almost done
keep the message box inside the while loop and try once
make sure that the Unique_Id is with value

Cheers @sanjeevSB

thanks a lot, its working, now i hope if i assign this value to a type activity in a sequence, each time it will pick a new value.

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you did it… :relaxed:
Cheers @sanjeevSB


it gives different values in message box, but when i assign it to fill a form it gives same value each time. please help.


The activities you used to enter details into the form also should be inside the loop but not outside.

Thanks, that was the mistake.

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