Connects to Microsoft Project Data in UiPath

Hello hello,
I m asked to copy some data from Ms project to excel but as you know the activities in Uipath as read range are supported only when you have an excel file so i looked for activities that related to Ms project but they didn’t gave me the result that i wanted ,and if we think about reading cell by cell it is not a practical way to do so because my table in Ms project contains more than 5000 lines .Other than that there is an Activity in Uipath that is called “Connect to database” so that i can get my data in Ms project in a form of a database link but as i can see this activity doesn’t support Ms Project’s extension which is .mpp Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

Hi @lina_Sahli,

You can use Workbook activities, this activities dont need an installed excel program.

Please use Workbook activities Read Range.


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Hey Omer
Even in Workbook activities as read range we are only allowed to insert an excel file with the .xlsx extension , and we are obliged to put the sheet name too bur in Ms Project we don t work with sheets .


I get it now. When you change extension to .xlsx, can you read it? Or the format is totally wrong?


When i save my ms project as an excel file it modifies my data and doesn t conserve its first format so extraction data from ms project to excel won’t serve me.

Hi @lina_Sahli,

Can you share a sample ms project document? I know, data could be classified, maybe with some dumb data? So i can do some tries?


Sorry but i can t share documents because they are the client’s data

@lina_Sahli, Yeah i can understand. Can you create some random data?

I just want to try this .mpp extension document.


Hi @lina_Sahli ,

A Sample document of what your data is could be helpful for us to analyze how exactly we could do adopt it to UiPath. You could provide us a link from Google search where you have the similar type document / similar data in it. (Better suggestion is to provide the document that you have with junk / random data but need to correlated if conditions need to be applied on data)

Also, we would like to know How you would be doing the operation manually ?

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Hello @supermanPunch
It s confidential and i can t share the document but it is n table with so many columns and lines , and the operation manually is a simple copy paste: copying the table (but we can’t manipulate it as a real table like the one in excel ) from Ms project to the sheet in Excel.

Hi @lina_Sahli

Try installing this package from the Marketplace:


Hello @Emira_Gasmi
I already tried that but it didn’t gave me the wanted result .

@lina_Sahli ,

A Redirection to an example from the web , where we could check on the format/data/file and check it’s usage would be also helpful if we could perform an operation on the background instead of an UI Operation.

Meanwhile, the same steps that you would use manually could also be tried with UiPath. Try performing the Copy Paste Operations and let us know if that helps.

OFC i tried that but but it s not that simple ,copy paste is useful when you work on desktop app ,when you have Microsoft project for example you have to put a desktop recorder to copy paste and it doesn t work too because the spy isn’t able to spy all the data it recongnizes only one cell

Hi Lina

You can try to achieve that through MS Project Connectors.
Microsoft has already built in APIs for MS Project, that you can call in your Uipath Workflow.

They are not free and also there are no activities in uipath that are related to Ms Project except the package from the market place that doesn t serve me

I see. is there a web version of MS Project you can use to consider web data scraping?
Otherwise, maybe this can help: