Connecting UiPath to the RedShift AWS database

Hello Guys,
I have an SQL database which is being updated every day. I need to connect to it to retrieve data.
I found at the forum manuals for the UiPath.Database.Activities, but none of them is dealing with the ‘ODBC Data Source’.

I believe I need to build a connection string, but I have no idea how to do that.

While doing my research I found an extension that I might be missing.

But I don’t want to purchase it until I am sure that that’s what is missing.

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Hey @MariPanda

I think you can try building your connection string as below.


This may help. Also the detailed docs are here - Configuring an ODBC connection - Amazon Redshift


Thank you @Nithinkrishna,
This looks very promising!
At my default VM the connection is successful:

While on the DEV VM is failing:

I will have to find a difference between the settings - If you have an idea where it could be I would most welcomed it, but this is a big progress alraedy.

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Can you check with your network team that Is the 5439 port is open on the Dev VM

Hope this may help you


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Kindly check the suggestion provided by @Srini84

Thank you I will address it with them.

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