Configure Regular Expression Button doesn't appear

Hi all,

The Configure Regular Expression Button doesn’t pop up when I include the Matches Activity. I already imported the System.Text.RegularExpressions namespace and rebooted my system as you can see in the picture.
In other processes, I can see the button.
Is there a solution to that?

Thanks in advance!

@DaveU1 Can you Upgrade your UiPath.System.Activities to the Latest Version and Check


I updated the package in the “Manage Packages” and now the Button has appeared. Thanks a lot!

@DaveU1 I think it’s because of your UiPath version, but still try this :
Go to Manage Packages
Select Project Dependencies
Select UiPath.System.Activities
if an Update is Available Update it and Check

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@DaveU1 Ohh Good Going :smile:

Yeah, I was so focused on updating the studio, but instead the package version was the problem :smile:


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