Concatenation of columns using sql query in uipath

Hi Team,

I have tried to convert my excel as DB using connection string and connect activity in uipath.
When I’m trying to concatenate two columns using sql query, I’m getting the error like “Execute Query: ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Undefined function ‘concatenate’ in expression.”

Help me with the concat sql query to use in uipath.


Hello @Soundharya

I think you have to use CONCAT instead of concatenate…


Try this
SELECT Concat(column1 ,column2) AS column3
FROM table;

Suresh J

I’m using this query “Select Concat(Measure,Name) As ColumnTest from [Tablename$]” and I’m getting error like ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC Excel Driver] Undefined function ‘Concat’ in expression.

I have tried Concat as well, but still getting the same error “Undefined function concat”.


Are those two columns of string data type?

Just do this and see

Select column 1 + column 2 from…

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Thanks for your reply!
As said, I have tried with + operator and I’m getting the same error "Undefined function concat”…
“Select Concat (Measure+Name)AS ColumnTest from [Tablename$]”

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