Concatenate in excel; fix the Assign tab

How can i rectify the formula below in the Assign to concatenate values in excel?

(CurrentRow(“Account No”).tostring+“_”+Currentrow(“Invoice Number”).tostring).Replace(" “,” ")

Attaching both the screenshot and bot for easy reference.
Extract data from invoice pdf for EBS & BSCS.xaml (26.9 KB)

Hi @Justine

I think it is because you are using the non-existing variable CurrentRow, your iteration variable is item, the formula should look like this:

(item(“Account No”).tostring+“_”+item(“Invoice Number”).tostring).Replace(" “,” ")

I hope that solves your issue,

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Appreciate the help! Managed to fix the Assign function but however the data was not concatenated in column D.

The following functions were used:
Read range → For Each row in datatable → write range

Hi @Justine ,

You would need to update the Column in the Assign Activity inside of For Each Row

Instead of newFileName, you should use item("ColumnDName")

it works! thanks for the assistance!

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thanks for the help too!

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