Compress files to .zip format

yes its working fine thank you

I want to attach the zip file and send smtp mail how to do this one?

Hello @sowmya,

You could try to use Send SMTP Mail Message activity:


yes we send mail using SMTP but I want attach all the files presented in zip folder dynamically.
files count may change .:frowning:

Hello @sowmya,
Ok, take a look at this:



excelent work

Can you please share your workflow where it worked for you, as i’m trying to do the same but I’m getting unauthorized exception.

Could you please share your workflow

Hi Manjusha,

The workflow is the one shared by Vinay here, i just assigned the zipPath and filepath variables the corresponding paths. Here it is:
Compress.xaml (9.1 KB)

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I’m getting compilation error in my xaml file. I imported required namespaces but still no success.


Hi @avi.ngp,

Try System.IO.Path.GetName(file)


Yes It works if We write a file path instead of directory path

or you can use this activity from BalaReva



How can I get this activity?

I searched for it but It doesnt exists

Hi @Lucky0906,

Please find the instructions in the below link.

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Hello @vvaidya i have a question what if i want this zip in a specific path ? e.g “C:/Ziping Bills” in this case what it should i change ?

Hi @naotosx

In the above activity you can zip the folder like below.



Hi @Lucky0906, if you dont see the method try to edit your .xaml:

  • Open with notepad++ the .xaml
  • Write this line:


  • Close and open UiPath Studio.
  • Use Invoke Method activity as:

(The Target Type is System.Io.Compression.ZipFile - You will be able to use this after do the previous steps, also with the methodname ExtractToDirectory)


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Hey guys.

I have an issue within the ZipFile.Open(…) function. It seems to not be found in the namespaces when we copy the entire block “Compress” in our main project, however if it is saved and ran by itself in an independent project just after downloading it, it recognises the function and works perfectly.

My colleague and I have search for the solutions that are already posted but we are unable to hit the point as the System.IO.Compression is considered, and supposed to have the ZipFile function in it. Although we have read the following :

“To use the ZipFile class, you must add a reference to the System.IO.Compression.FileSystem assembly in your project; otherwise, you’ll get the following error message when trying to compile : The name ‘ZipFile’ does not exist in the current context . For more information on how to add a reference to your project in Visual Studio, see How to: Add or Remove References By Using the Reference Manager.”

We are wondering if this is the problem and why and where it is included in the independent “Compress.xaml”.

Any solutions? Thanks in advance.