Complex VB programming in value

How can I use more complex VB programming inside e.g. an Assign?
I want to create a String value based on some Boolean values, e.g.
"Cannot proceed: " + (IF docIsOpen THEN “Doc is Open” ELSE “Unknown Error”)
So what is the syntax to use?

Why don’t you use if condition here and check the docsOpen variable, then within that, you will have then and else conditions, Inside that you can do the required @nnessdj

Correct but my actual code will be much more complex and would otherwise evolve to a fairly complicated workflow. :slight_smile: So what I am asking is: Is this possible? and What is the syntax?

"Cannot proceed: " + IF(docIsOpen ,“Doc is Open” ,“Unknown Error”)

docIsOpen type is Boolean (true or false)

this syntax will work

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Something like this ??

THX :slight_smile:

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