Compilor issue

Screenshot 2023-04-17 222848

Hi @devendra_bhardwaj1 ,

Could you also show us how was the assignment done or where have you used the expression ?

We normally encounter this Exception when this Expression is used in the Left Hand Side of the Assign activity.

We only use upto ("Status") and omit the .ToString when a value is to be assigned to the row item.

Let us know in more details and the activity used for clarifying further.

@supermanPunch please find the vb exresssion where i used.

@devendra_bhardwaj1 ,

As mentioned previously we do not know where you are using the Expression or using Which Activity.

Do provide us with the details to help you further.


Wherever you are using it …may be in assign…the error is not on the expression or the right side value… the error is on the left side value…basically where you are trying to assign…