Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression "AssetValue".Invalid L-value expression.:Reference expressions cannot end with Conversion. The provided expression's type must exactly match the type T of VisualBasicReference<T> or LambdaReference<T>

We recently Upgraded from 2020.10.1 to 2022.10.3 version for studio. When i open new project with RE Framework i was getting the above error and also deleted and created the same Get asset Activity still facing the issu

Any leads helps us


did you try using the ctrl + k to create a new variable?
or deleting that and passing a new activity?


I have deleted the existing the activity and re created the same and also the variable as well


Which type is AssetValue variable?
Can you try to set it Object type?


It was UiPath.core.generic type , when changed to object i was not getting this error


How about the following, as a workaround?


Is there any bug in the framework. I just want to know why this error is occuring earlier i don’t see any errors


This error is caused by behavior of GetAsset activity in Windows project. (I’m not sure but this might be a bug) In Windows-Legacy, it apply proper type for the out-argument internally, however, it doesn’t work in Windows project when put new GetAsset activity.