Comparing two CSV files by checking email addresses

Hi everyone i want to copy data from CSV to Salesforce but before that i want to compare two CSV and check whether they both have similar email address or not the CSV will also have Last name , first name,phone number but will only check for email addresses and ,if similar address found remove it and copy the different email address with complete row of information into 3rd CSV and then proceed to insert data into salesforce from 3rd CSV .I saw similar CSV and Different CSV demo projects on Uipath but they just compare numbers and not other things.!!
Please do help!!


If you’d want to compare if they’re the same, just do it the same as for numbers (a = b. There are more robust ways to code it, but that’s the easiest way that covers a lot of cases).

Unfortunately I can’t help with examples right now, but for others clearance:

Can you define what you mean by “similar”? Depending on how accurate the similarity needs to be, you might venture into approximate string matching which is quite an advanced topic.


Hi andrzej.kniola thanx alot for helping i am looking for this type of output i am attaching pics please do have a look contact1 and contact2 files will be compared and the result will be saved in contact3 they should check for email addresses as it is unique and after the result file i will put them in salesforce

hi @Sandeep

Please find this attached sample workflow and let me know :slight_smile: (17.0 KB)