Comparing names in two cells in two different datatables

I’m having issues trying to incorporate name comparison in a workflow Testuse.xaml (24.3 KB) that compares the values of the amount column after comparing the ID’s.
I want to also check if the first and last name in Schedule Sent.xlsx (9.5 KB) are found in schedule received.xlsx (9.7 KB) and give a comment in the last column

this can be done with a Join

have an inital introduction here (Example with Join Datatable Activity and LINQ)
DT_Join_1Col.xaml (10.0 KB)

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Hi @ppr
How do i do the comparison for the test data i uploaded

have a look on this demo xaml:
FullJoin_1Col_JoinActivity_MatchResult.xaml (12.6 KB)

if you need further help for your case then give us a clear description on expected output (columnstructure, match result column …)

Here’s a sample result

Hi @John_Dara

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