Comparing Excel columns

Hi ,
I need to compare two columns in excel and if the value matches, i should skip the matching value and write the un-matching values to new column.
please find the image and requesting your help on this

here i’m comparing the column P and column S , so if the values matches. i should skip the matching number i.e 26 and write 34 and 7 in the column Q

maybe the simple string approach will work

For the Check
row("ESQ-AC Codes").toString.Contains(row("Gasper Action Code").toString.Trim)

row("ESQ-AC Codes").toString.Replace(row("Gasper Action Code").toString.Trim,"")

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A multi code handling could look like this


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Hey @ppr ,

Thanks for the immediate response and i’m trying with the inputs you have given.
will update once it is successful.

Naveen Kumar

Hello @naveenkumarr
Kindly refer this xaml file,
Used activities

  1. For each data table
  2. Write cell
  3. Split For Each loop
  4. Collection List (83.7 KB)
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Hey @ppr ,
It works, thanks <3

And thanks gokul for the information :slight_smile:


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