Comparing Column Headers

I have a csv file that I am loading into a datatable to process. Before processing, I want to verify the column headers against a template I will have stored. I see lots of ways for comparing Excel files / datatables but I just want to verify the headers of the incoming csv first to make sure nothing has changed and blows up my automated process. Any simple solution?

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you can have look at this post
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That looks like it’s comparing column count which is ok but I need to make sure that the column names themselves match up. Thanks for the link. I did run the process.

Hi @Chris_Livesay if u want in more simple way u can use read range without add headers checked and check both datatable headers is equal or not inside the loop.

Do I need to have a loop if I want to just read and compare the first row?

I guess I don’t have to have a template, I could simply have a header string in the Config file and then compare the DT header with that string in the config. The challenge is how do I get the DT header row into a string to compare? Am I thinking about this correctly?

No u dont need to loop u can simply compare them with this dt1.Columns(0).ToString=dt2.Columns(0).ToString

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If U have your template in excel or csv its still fine we can compare it.

You world read both tables and then You can write a simple stored procedure to execute as in below:

Short and to the point! Thank you @Tushar_Karkera , exactly what I was looking for.

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