Comparing 2 excels

i have 2 excel workbooks

excel 1 contains 12 rows
excel 2 contains 7 rows

both excel data is more r less same , but i want to keep only excel 2 data in excel 1 and want to eliminate all other different rows …

how do i do that ?

Hi @poojaskyrathore

You want to append the rows to excel 1?

no i want to elimate those rows which are not in excel 2 in excel 1

Hi @poojaskyrathore

Check this solution.

can you elaborate on this

both excel sheets are different and only 3 colums in them are similar … so i want to make excel 1 just as excel 2 cause it contains more information

you will fasten up the solution suggestion by sharing sample data with us. Would you be so kind? Thanks

Hi @poojaskyrathore
If there are two excel sheets means you can read 2 datatables
from 2 datables compare each row and if it matches add it to separate datatable(output)
at last write that datatable to an excel file