Compare two rows in data table with multiple columns

Hello folks i want to compare two rows in data table with multiple columns
if two or more rows are same i want to process only one row
ex:col1 col2 col3
aa 11 ss
aa 11 ss

can any one help me thank you…

Hi @venkateshgorantla,

Here you can get the logic to compare 2 Datatables . The same manner you can do it the UiPath Studio.


hey @balupad14 i am not comparing two tables, i am having data in single table

Try below code!


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Thanks a lot @Vinutha its working fine thank you so much.

But one thing i want to now i am getting only three columns which i have mention in above code .
in my case i want all columns which are in datatable after applying this code .
awaiting reply.once again thank you very much.

If you are using 2018.3 or higher, there is an activity itself which removes duplicate rows.


I am not using latest version.
can you please help me if any you have any other idea…
thank you

You just have to specify all the columns as comma separated.

[datatablename].DefaultView.ToTable(True,“col1”,“col2”,“col3”,“col4”,“col5”, {etc})


thanks @Vinutha its working fine :smiley:

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