Compare two excel spreadsheet with a column in common in order to filter data

Hello UIPath Community. I’m trying to develop a robot to reduce my conference time of two excel spreadsheets.

I have two spreadsheets that I need to filter data in datatable spreadsheet “PLAN MODELO ROBOTIZAÇÃO” by the column “i”. There is a column in other spreadsheet named as “CFOP NÃO GERADORAS” that have the correct information about that. If the data are included in the spreadsheet “CFOP NÃO GERADORAS” I need to remove them from the datatable “PLAN MODELO ROBOTIZAÇÃO” in order to work with the others data from there.


Hi @Humberto_Marjuhh

use Dt=Dt11.Select("[ColumnName]=’’ or [Column Name2]=’’").CopyToDatatable()
use for each row for the two datatables

use row(“Sheet1”).ToString.equals(row(“Sheet2”).ToString

Ashwin S
use remove data row

Where I need to write this code line?

I couldn’t write this code line in the remove rows activity…

Hi @Humberto_Marjuhh
give this as condition and remove data row pass the row of your datatable where you want to remove

Ashwin S

Could you show me how to do this? Because I don’t know how to do this…

Have a Look on this
Copy row before deleting it excel

IT IS Close to your scenario and you will find a Demo xaml as well

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Thanks a lot, bud. You have helped me a lot. hahaha

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