Compare two date variable

HI ,
I am not able to get what i am doing wrong.
i want to get exceldate (variable contain date from excel) only if it is less than 3 day from today date.

i get the date from excel , convert it into date time format but stuck at compare date part.

  1. if both are the date variable then what will be the condition Main.xaml (42.9 KB)
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I am not able to read your .xaml, have you tried this?


using TryParse() to get Date objects you can use Compare method (date vs

Other way could be using TryParse() method to get Date objects, and then Subtract one from Date.Now as a TimeSpan object. Evaluate result

Buddy same not able to see the xaml, no worries may i know a sample date format from your excel buddy, we can easily sort this out buddy… @TUSHAR_DIWASE

its resolved buddy here you go @TUSHAR_DIWASE (2.9 KB)

Kindly try this and let know buddy whether this works or not


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Did that work buddy @TUSHAR_DIWASE

thanks for spending time on this.

Sorry but still i am getting the (1.3 MB)

i have used CDate also to convert. I have attached the wf again. please have a look what i am doing wrong.


Try this:- (19.4 KB)


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thanks you all for spending time on this issue and providing different feedback

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