Compare two arrays

I want to compare two arrays string[1] {“03082019”,“04082019” } and
{“03082019”,“04082019”,“05082019”}. I want to put matching details in one array and extract non-matching details out into an array or string.

Here you go with the sample xaml on this (2.8 KB)

Cheers @realistic24

@Palaniyappan Thanks.
array1={“03082019”,“04082019”, “04092019”}
array2 = {“03082019”,“04082019”,“05082019”}

After executing the sequence it returned 05082019 which is the value that is in array2 and not in array1. I would love the sequence to return {“04092019”,“05082019”}

Hi @realistic24

Check this


@shwin S

Your requirement Could be solved with Help of LInq/datasetextensions

Give a try on intersect and except methods