Compare json files

I have to compare two json files and generate a resultant file removing the common entries.Apart from using datatables is there a way to generate it?


We don’t have a direct way to do that :slight_smile:

But we can do that using JSON activities available.

  1. Use Deserialize JSON activities and create two JSON objects.
  2. Then loop through both the JSON and if the name matches , loop into
  3. Then check the values.
  4. Directly use excel sheet scope and write cell to write the dataa

Post both the JSON you have , will try to built it :slight_smile:

Thanks i have used community package to convert json to datatable. Now I have two tables like below

1 R 89 6
2 B 79 4

1 R 89 6

2 B 79 4

As the above is the distinct record. how can we do that?

Hi @HareeshMR Can you please share the Xaml file? It will be really helpful. Thanks!!

I haven’t tried that out, but it will be very easy to implement, If possible I can share the basic template to do that.

But please try it out and post if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Try Remove Duplicate Rows Activity, after merge…

Actually I am trying to compare two Json Files and print all the differences (if any) between both the files. Is it possible to do in UiPath? And if it’s possible then if the position of tags varies in both the files then will it work?