Compare Formulas in cells and mark differences in different color

Dear Ui Path Community,

Can someone suggest some ideas about how can i make a workflow that does the following- would be great?

WorkFlow as it should be:
I have two Excel Files( that are actually queries) - one I already have saved on my computer and the other one I get it by data scraping. so the steps that robot do are:

Step 1- The robot opens excel file that contains data from data scraping after its saved ( set a formula in the excel file for example calculating “C3”+"C4+“C5”. The answer will be saved lets say in cell “C6” by the robot.

Step 2-The robot then opens the second Excel file that already exist on my computer and reads the Formula in the cell “C6” and check if its the same Formula from the first excel file which is “C3”+"C4+“C5”.

Step 3- The robot then Compare between the two excel files

Step 4- If the extracted excel file have the same exact result number in cell “C6” where the formula were implemented such as the already existing excel file , then the robot send an email that all is fine

Step 5- (Here comes the hardest part as i think) , If cell “C6” has another result or a different one than the one in the already existing excel file. The robot have to mark it a different color and mark the wrong or the different cells that led to a different numer.

For example

in the Extracted ´data in excel file gives the following

C3 = 10 , C4 = 10 , C5=10 so lets say C6 = 30 “C3”+"C4+“C5”.

in the already existing excel file gives the following
C3 = 10 , C4 = 10 , C5=15 so lets say this time C6 = 35

The robot then should hight light that in the excel file that contains different result and save it and when i open it

So , the cell C5 is different , so it should be marked in red
and Cell C6 marked in red or yellow But Cell C3 and C4 should be marked in green

This way it shows which cell contains error.

I hope you can understand what I mean, hopefully someone can give me some help … I would really appreciate it

Thanks in advance