Compare and Highlight text - word Document or PDF Document

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I hope everyone knows that we can compare two word or PDF documents and we can say that whether any changes has been made or not ? Still i have a question . Is there any way to highlight the text or can make bold of changes text from document 1 to Document2.

Srenivasan Kannan

I haven’t done such this thing before but I think Quite Possiable

1)You can use HighLight Activity After we find word
Or second Option could be

  • Double click on Text and Pass Hot key Like Ctrl+ B to make Bold That text



Can you check if you have any activities available for highlighting the string @SrenivasanKanna

Just found the Key word highlighter package in the packages. Try using that, but I’m not sure that will help

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@sandeep13 @HareeshMR Thank you so much for your reply . I will try to figure out the solution.


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