Compare 2 PDF files with text box / tables

Hi @MoonVoo

First convert your pdf into excel and compare
For converting pdf to excel
Use this steps

Step 1 − First, open UiPath studio and start a new blank project.

Step 2− Now, put the pdf file from which you want to read the data in the folder of your current project. We are reading the data from following Excel file. “test.pdf” for example.

Take a activity Read PDF Text and select the excel file.

excel to pdf

excel to pdf

Step 3 − done the below activity for reading the pdf file and writing in excel.

  • Take a activity Read PDF Text and select the excel file.
  • Take a Log message.
  • Take a data table for collecting the information from PDF.
  • take write range activity for writing the all data from data table to excel.

data table filterpdf to excel

Step 4 – if you want to filter data from data table . you can filter it by using in data table as below.

data table filter

data table filter

Step 5 –After doing above process , Run the project. It will write the excel file as below in pic.

Then read that xls file and keep one for each row inside the body drag and drop if Condition there write
Row(“column name”).testing.contains(“assignee name”)
Then part keep one message box and write matches and in else part write not matched