Compare 2 CSVs

I have 2 CSvs here with some webpages in it. i need to get only the matched websites common for both CSVs and write them to a new csv. How to do this?? I did find how many matches where there, but i don’t know how to get those matched values. Help me out guys :slight_smile: (4.2 KB)

Use linq query to compare and get the resultant datatable as

(from dt1 in dtDatatable1.AsEnumerable() join dt2 in dtDatatable2.AsEnumerable() On dt1.Field(of String)(“Application_URL”) Equals dt2.Field(of String) (“Application_URL”) Select dt1).CopyToDataTable() (2.7 KB)

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@im_heathen Check the workflow along with output file below. (3.6 KB)

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Thanks guys! :slight_smile:
Is there a way can this can be done without involving any of those vb expressions though??

@im_heathen i did ur workflow mostly using uipath activities, u didn’t check

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Thank you!

So, how to get the URLs which are not common for both csv?