Command Prompt admin mode

Hello Guys,
i just started on UiPath development and have a query. I want to open Command Prompt in Admin Mode. if we right click on start button it gives an option to open, but in uipath studio i use a click activity to click on start button and change btn_property to right click but how do i scroll up and select the option.


Please use Send HotKey (Windows+R) and use “Type into” and provide path as “C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe” and enter to open command prompt in admin mode.

it still says require elevation

Use Send HotKey (Windows+R) and use “Type into” and use CMD and enter, which will open the command prompt in User mode and you can use type into and enter the full path “ cd

I did the same using Hotkey it is working. Can you share the workflow?

Hi @sudipmitra82

I believe this post might help you:

At the bottom it explains the way to run any app with elevated permissions with some powershell. I hope it’s helpful :slight_smile:

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See if this helps.