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Grace Wang is product marketing manager for UiPath Process Mining at UiPath.


We can plan all we like, but sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like them to. Being able to adapt goes a long way, particularly in the current climate, where many things are out of our control. The plans we made at the beginning of year may have been derailed, but do we dwell on the ‘what if’s,’ or course correct and set new goals?


In the same context, if we look at businesses that have flourished in the first half of this year, we see a few common themes: adaptability, agility, and accuracy. Particularly when it comes to processes. Take delivery companies and grocery stores who’ve had to manage a huge uptick in demand. In order to thrive, they’ve had to adapt, be agile, and execute flawlessly, with little to no warning. Their processes need to be spot on. As always, technology and data play a huge role.


As companies endeavor to become more agile, now is the time to be asking:

  • How can we leverage existing data to determine our best course of action?
  • How can we make our processes resilient to change?


This blog post introduces the latest innovation from UiPath Process Mining and how it helps close the loop between understanding processes and swiftly acting on that knowledge with UiPath Action Center.

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