Column name retrieved as EXPR1001 instead of actual column name from excel file

Hi - I am trying to fetch couple of columns from a .xlsb file containing 500,000+ rows. Hence, I am using execute query to retrieve the desired columns and writing the retrieved datatable in a .CSV file.

However, interestingly, when i opened the .csv file, I could see one of the column names is “EXPR1001” instead an actual column name (“XX DATE”).

Has anyone come across such issues?



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Do you have example of original file column (image) - it doesn’t just change the name randomly.

There may be something in your execute query which is causing the column name to change?

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Hi, This is the column from the original file.


“Select [CIP ACCOUNT], Cdate([PROVIDER GL DATE]) from [CIP Report$] where [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1200400%’ or [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1201800%’ or [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1202500%’ or [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1201100%’ or [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1152600%’ or [CIP ACCOUNT] like ‘%1151900%’”


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May i know why we use here Cdate

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Hi - To convert the String to date.

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Is the original column name is Provider GL Date or XX Date

Cheers @SudhakarAs92

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Hi Its [Provider GL Date]… Just for a representation i mentioned as [xx date]

So you want the header to be [Provider GL Date] or [XX Date]?

You need to specify Cdate([PROVIDER GL DATE]) As’ Provider GL Date’ in SQL if you want to keep column header?

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Thanks. It worked!

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