Column index in alphabets

I have an excel with a few cell values
Based on the values present, I want the corresponding column index in excel in alphabets(A,B,C… )

How do I go about

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yah sure we can get the column index with this expression

Cheers @Joywin.Madtha

As alphabets ? Not as numbers

yah kindly try that and let know


Thanks @Palaniyappan

How do I get the cell values. They are randomly placed in excel

will you please clear your doubt?
or shae your excel

I have to read the cell values and corresponding column index(alphabets) have to be got

@ImPratham45 please do take a look

Sequence.xaml (11.7 KB) testval.xlsx (7.9 KB)

Have a Look on this

WE used IT in some Bots and was working fine

with newer for UiPath Activities packages we can do it now as following:


I think this will support till 26 columns.

Check this as well:

this is not working,my result is every time coming -@

May I know the expression used and the output we got if possible with a screenshot

Cheers @Siddhant_Dimri