Column does not belong to DataTable - Please help

“Type Into ‘INPUT’: Column ‘first number’ does not belong to table DataTable.”
every time I run my robot the robot stops and sends me this error and I don’t understand what does it mean, please tell me what should I do in this case

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@Omar1 Please change the Title to a suitable one , so you can get proper help on it

Regarding your question it seems that the first number which you used in Type into does not belong to data table
please check if your datatable contains that column name

If possible can you add the screenshot


Hey, @Omar1
try doing this row(0).ToString instead of giving column name
you can cross check if you are passing the right Column name or not

Hi @Omar1,

Can you please provide some screenshots to explain your topic and make it more clear?

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@Omar1 You screenshot is blur, please add a new one with explanation of what is happening

Can you Print the CustomerData datatable and show us
To print you can use Output datatable give input as Customerdata and output for that as Text and then use message box ,in box give text

just click on it and it will open

Columns “first number” and “last number” don’t exist. Did you mean “first name” and “last name”? :wink:


OMG!!! i didn’t recognize it

thank you very much

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