Coloring excel cells taking long time

I want color excel cells with RED color but the cells are not in sequence. I’m iterating in an array list which contains cell values to be colored and to color 1000*33 cells, robot took 10 hours. Is there any way to fasten the process ?

Can you attach your xaml, i will try do some research and let you know.

So its 33000 cells in about 36000 secs. 1 sec per cell.
This needs to be checked.

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Excel_coloring.xaml (10.2 KB)

attached sample flow which we used in our code. Kindly check (89.5 KB)

Attached output excel for reference.

did u get any solution for this ?

Hi @Seetharaman_K,

Can you try this ?


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hi bala, thanks for responding , the thing is , i need to filter for a set of result and colour those rows alone. how can i dothat with this ?