Cognitive Activities Machine Learning

Good morning to everybody,

I am checking the cognitive activities that Uipath has, and I have only seen those of Text Analysis.

I wonder if it has more Workfusion-style features, such as training a model to classify documents or extract key information.

Can someone help me?

Do you mean like this:


Yeah! Thank you very much!

I’ve seen what we can do with uipath and it’s awesome!
Reading the blog, I can see that we need the new AI in the Beta feed of the Community Version of UiPath. Do you know how to download it?

Thank you

Theres info how to install:

I have installed activities but don’t have time yet to study them.

Hi @cperezolivera

I would recommend you to integrate UiPath with ML model.
Check this out:

Please let me know if any more information needed.