Coding in UiPath

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Most commonly used code in invoke code in uipath , please share some sample example ,
for which tasks we have to use coding in or C# or if any other language used in uipath

Hi Sakshi. I see that latest versions of UiPath is supporting only Here are few scenarios where you can use invoke code,

  1. If you do not have any activities to do your job and if you know code to do it , then you can use invoke code activity and write your code.
  2. If you want to perform your task with Simple code, instead of using multiple conditional and looping statements in a sequence or flow chart, then you can use invoke code

See below example. We have activity to extract .zip files but not for .7z files. So I used this piece of code to extract .7z files.

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One of the case need to use Invoke Code is to use “=” as not comparison operator but assignment operator in VBnet for LINQ, as the following, for example.